Saturday, August 12, 2017

Topps NOW...Again

I am finding myself watching for Topps NOW cards featuring Ranger players. Rather than purchase them through Topps, I find that I can usually get them through eBay for about $5 with free shipping.

Such is the case with my two most recent pickups, both centered on Adrian Beltre.

First up:

The One-Knee Wonder. Beltre has made this follow through famous, so it is only appropriate that his card celebrating 5,000 total bases show it.

I also grabbed this one:

Beltre recently hit home run number 450. I believe he currently sits at 455, so hopefully he will reach number 500 next season. If he isn't already, having 500 homers (to go along with 3,000+ hits) should make him a first ballot hall of famer.

What are your thoughts on Topps NOW? Purchased any for yourself?

Friday, August 11, 2017

I'm Starting To Fall In Love With Oddballs

When I first started collected, oddballs were just that to me: odd. I didn't know what to make of them. At some point, I decided that I didn't care for them.

However, as time has passed, I've found myself being drawn to oddballs more frequently.

For instance, I just picked this up:

I tried multiple times to get a scan of the other image on this coin (Bell's face), but evidently I'm not talented enough to do that.

This coin is form the 1984 7-11 Super Star Sports Coins set. I don't believe any other Rangers were featured in this set, unfortunately. That doesn't matter though, because I dig this one.

I think oddballs are really becoming some of my favorite pieces.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Case of the Missing Smile

A few weeks ago, I posted that I happened to have some retail luck in pulling this:

In the comments, P-Town Tom asked something that was on my mind, also: do all of Randle's Fan Favorites autographs have the smiley face?

A couple weeks went by and I was able to pick up this blue parallel:

This card also had the smiley face!

I decided to create a saved eBay search to let me know when a new Randle card was posted so I could see if there were any without the smiley face.

I waited and found nothing. Nothing, that is, until last week:

Smiley-face-less Randle is now mine!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

eBay Mailday(s)

I've fallen behind in posting my eBay purchases. There haven't been many, but I could certainly do a better job of posting. Let's clean out the ol' eBay scan folder and see what has come in recently.

First up: this hideous Easter purple/pink Cole Hamels parallel from 2017 Gypsy Queen. I really hate that color and think it looks terrible on a baseball card. But I wasn't consulted - and I'm sure there is someone out there who loves it. Either way, it's a new Hamels for my collection.

Next up:

I mentioned a few times that I really like the Meaningful Materials relic cards from this year's Museum collection. I previously purchased a version of this card (also numbered to 50) but I was able to upgrade to one with a better patch (see above). The best part? I won this card for .49 cents (plus $3 shipping). I'll happily pay $3.49 for this card!

I also grabbed another parallel of this card, this one numbered to 10. It cost me maybe $5 total. Again, I will happily pay that!

But I'm not done with Museum Collection yet:

I was also able to get my hands on this Rougned Odor Meaningful Material relic. This one was a bit more expensive, but still well less than half a blaster. This is the base parallel, numbered to 50.

That's it for this eBay Mailday - but fear not, there are more in the future!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Trades! Packages From The Lost Collector And P-Town Tom!

I received a couple PWEs a while back and haven't had the chance to scan the cards. I finally did it and now it is time to give some credit where credit is due!

First up, The Lost Collector sent me a couple of sweet Pudge cards form 2017 Archives:

I really can't get enough of Pudge...which is a good thing, because he seems to be one of Topps' go-to guys, especially in a Rangers uniform!

Next up, P-Town Tom sent some sweet signed cardboard my way:

Did I mention that the signatures come from some of the best players in franchise history?! Witt and McDowell are remembered fondly, and Hough and Sunny are in the Rangers Hall of Fame!

Thanks Tom!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Plea For Help and A Super Critique

I was out of town for business last Friday thorough Sunday. When I returned home, there were plumbers in my apartment. Turns out, they entered my apartment to do some work, left pipes open over night, which provided access for backed-up sewage to flow freely into my apartment for a number of hours. Needless to say, I couldn't stay at my apartment that night and I wasn't even allowed in my place until today.

I found out that a few of my things were destroyed. Mostly items that had little to no value to me, but one of the things that I did care about was a 3200-count box of cardboard that had all of my flagship duplicates in it from 2013 to 2017. Here are some pictures (minus the destroyed items - they were thrown away earlier in the week):

These two are from my bathroom. The second photo is facing directly to where my desk sits. I had my big card boxes (3200-counts) stacked next to it. The water only had to hake it about eight feet before it got to the box.

The bathroom itself...

My living room, with all of my belongings shoved to one side.

Normally, I wouldn't be too upset with this. However, just last weekend, I told Vic (@vicsdugout on Twitter) that I would send him all of my 2017 Series 1. This is now problematic, as all of mmy S1 is in the garbage.

So here's where I need your help. I hate making a promise with someone and not being able to follow through. Therefore, if you have any '17 S1 you wouldn't mind parting with, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to trade with you so I can send it to Vic. If this works for you, hit me up at judsonmeeks AT gmail DOT com!

UPDATE: Vic let me know that he was able to work out a trade for all of his S1 needs and is now working on S2. So, let me (or him, on Twitter) know if you have any up for trade!


While browsing through Twitter today, I came across a post showing that Tommy Lasorda's "superfractor" auto had been pulled from Donruss Optic. Here's the photo:

Most people know how I feel about logo-less cards (not a fan), so I won't go down that road. However, when a card is a 1 of 1, how in the world do you put a sticker auto on it??? I'm not a fan of stickers to begin with, but I understand that sometimes it is difficult to have the cards ready when the player (or former player) is ready to sign. I get it. But for a one-of-one, you should have an on-card auto!

What are your thoughts about sticker autos on superfractors?

Monday, July 24, 2017

It Wasn't Meant To Be

A couple weeks ago, I posted about a "collection centerpiece" that I was fortunate enough to work out a deal for. My LCS owner was kind enough to let me make payments on it and I was going to do just that.

But, as it seems it frequently does, life laughed at my plan and said, "Nah, man. You aren't gonna do that."

Since making the deal, I've had a $3,000 expense pop up and then someone hit my truck in my apartment parking lot, busting out the tail light and messing up the rear bumper. Needless to say, I don't foresee being able to make payments on the item any time soon, so I am going to have to let it pass.

What was the item?

Well, it's in this video:

Okay, that probably doesn't help. Any guesses?


Okay, it's in this frame:

Okay, I'll stop being a jerk.

The game-used first base innings 1 - 3 from the 2010 ALCS between the Rangers and Yanks was the piece I thought I was going to get. The Rangers lost the game, but this base saw all of the offensive action and the Rangers went on to win the series and advance to the World Series for the first time.

Ahhhhh....I'm getting sad just typing this. It almost makes me sick to my stomach. If 35 of my followers want to pitch in $10 a piece, I can get it! Hahahahaha Welcome to My Cardboard Habit's Inaugural Kickstarter campaign! I'm kidding, of course.

What's the biggest piece you initially thought you were getting for your collection only to have life kick you in the junk and take it away from you?