Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Gint-A-Cuffs X!

Trying to get this in under the deadline...I will format later to make it pretty!

-1 CC Sabathia (Yankee)
+2 Fantasy Goldmine Insert Bo Jackson
Pack Score: 1 point
Running Score: 1 point

+3 Claire Smith Mini A&G Back
+3 Fantasy Goldmine Nolan Ryan (FT)

Pack Score: 6 points
Running Score: 7 points

-1 Reggie Jackson
-1 Clint Frazier
-1 Andy Pettitte
+4 Mike Leake Black Border Mini
+2 Baseball Equipment of the Ages Vintage Bat

Pack Score: 3 points
Running Score: 10 points

+2 World Talent Mike Trout

Pack Score: 2 points
Running Score: 12 points

-1 Giancarlo Stanton
-1 Masahiro Tanaka
+1 Elvis Andrus
+2 World’s Greatest Beaches Trunk Bay
+3 Flags of Lost Nations Zaire

Pack Score: 4 points
Running Score: 16 points

+1 World Talent Gleyber Torres
-1 Greg Bird

Pack Score: 0 points
Running Score: 16 points

+2 Baseball Equipment of the Ages Vintage Cleats
+3 Zach Davies #333 Mini SP

Pack Score: 5 points
Running Score: 21 points

-1 Don Mattingly
+2 Sean Newcomb FP
+2 World’s Greatest Beaches Paradise Island
+1 Reggie Jackson A&G Back Mini

Pack Score: 4 points
Running Score: 25 points

+2 Bran Dozier FP
+2 Fantasy Goldmine Ted Williams

Pack Score: 4 points
Running Score: 29 points

-1 Lou Gehrig
+2 Baseball Equipment of the Ages Modern Baseball
+2 Rafael Devers Mini A&G Back

Pack Score: 3 points
Running Score: 32 points

+2 World Talent Pedro Martinez

Pack Score: 2 points
Running Score: 34 points

-1 Brett Gardner
-1 Luis Severino
+2 Baseball Equipment of the Ages Modern Sunglasses
+6 Sean Newcomb (FP) #343 Mini A&G Back SP

Pack Score: 6 points
Running Score: 40 points

-1 Sonny Gray
+2 World Talent Erasmo Ramirez
+2 Francisco Mejia Mini A&G Back

Pack Score: 3 points
Running Score: 43 points

-1 Derek Jeter
+2 Baseball Equipment of the Ages Eye Black
+3 Flags of Lost Nations Zanzibar

Pack Score: 4 points
Running Score: 47 points

+2 World’s Greatest Beaches Cozumel
+4 Yadier Molina Black Border Mini

Pack Score: 6 points
Running Score: 53 points

+7 Amed Rosario Framed Mini Autograph
+2 Fantasy Goldmine Ozzie Smith
+1 Claire Smith Mini

Pack Score: 10 points
Running Score:63 points

-1 Dellin Betances
+2 Shohei Ohtani FP
+4 Joey Gallo MY FP
+2 Baseball Equipment of the Ages Baseball Sweater

Pack Score: 7 points
Running Score: 70 points

+2 Jim Thome FP
+2 Fantasy Goldmine Tom Seaver

Pack Score: 4 points
Running Score: 74 points

+2 World’s Greatest Beaches Bay of Angels
+3 Baseball Superstitions Between-Inning Routine

Pack Score: 5 points
Running Score:79 points

+2 World Talent Jose Altuve
+3 Paige Spiranac Glow in the Dark Mini

Pack Score: 5 points
Running Score: 84 points

-1 Gary Sanchez
+1 Champ Pederson
+2 Baseball Equipment of the Ages Vintage Baseball
+2 Kelsey Plum Mini A&G Back

Pack Score: 4 points
Running Score: 88 points

+2 Fantasy Goldmine
+5 Davis Ortiz Full-Size Relic

Pack Score: 7 points
Running Score: 95 points

-1 Didi Gregorius
+2 Baseball Equipment of the Ages
+4 Jack Flaherty Black Border Mini

Pack Score: 5 points
Running Score: 100 points

+2 World Talent Hyun-Jin Ryu
+1 Nolan Ryan Mini (FT)

Pack Score: 3 points
Running Score: 103 points

Box Loader
+7 Natural Wonders Mount Kilamanjaro

Pack Score: 7 points
Running Score: 110 points

+6 Yu Darvish Framed Mini Relic
Pack Score: 6 points
Running Score: 116 points


I've Been Gone A Minute...Again

Just when I thought I would be able to get back to posting regularly, more stuff comes up and keeps me away. I mentioned in a now-deleted post (not sure how that happened) that my grandmother passed away in April and I was having trouble dealing with that. I'm a bit better, now. To help out, I decided to move back to my hometown to take care of my grandfather while writing my dissertation. This has been an...adventure...to say the least. I don't care which side of the aisle you are on politically, medical insurance and government benefits should not be as complicated as Medicare is. I'm about to earn my PhD and I don't understand a thing about Medicare.

Anyway, I've got a ton of scans ready to go for future blog updates. I haven't purchased much cardboard this year, but what I have purchased recently is almost exclusively cardboard from the blaster variety. Therefore, I will soon be starting a serious that will be called "Blaster Madness" to take a quick look at what my $20 got me. 

One product that I did manage to get in hobby box form was this year's Allen & Ginter. I am participating in Gint-A-Cuffs again this year, so I will need to have my scans and scores posted this evening. I promise that will happen. Let's just say that between missing hits and a ton of Yankees, I doubt that I will be standing on the winners podium this year!

So that's it for now. Stay tuned for new content!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

If Anything Can Bring Me Back, It's The Good Ol' Red, White, And Blue

Well, it has officially been close to (if not more than) two months since my last post. In it, I mentioned that I had a death in the family that sent me into a tailspin and I needed some time to get my sh*t back together and become a productive member of society again. Somehow, I accidentally deleted that post. I'm not sure when/how I did that.

I guess now is the time that I get going again. Though I haven't been blogging, I have still been collecting. I've mentioned in a few posts that I have been participating in some group breaks with a particular breaker. During my sabbatical, I participated in a few more breaks, mostly for Panini's Stars and Stripes product. This set is focused on the various Team USA baseball squads.

Why this product, you ask? Well, Steven Gingery is in the set. Who is Gingery, you ask? Gingery is the ace of the Texas Tech baseball team...at least he was entering this season, but he tore a ligament in his elbow and had to have Tommy John surgery early in the season.

Regardless, Gingery went in the fourth round to the Cardinals in the 2018 MLB Draft. I'm hoping he shows up in the Bowman Draft product later this year.

Anyway, let's get to some cards. Some cards are packed up, so I only have a few to share.

This is the base auto in the set. Though there are a few players that feature a sticker auto, most are on-card - including Gingery.

However, the dreaded sticker auto makes an appearance on these Silhouette relic/autos. To make matters worse, the signature goes off the sticker. Oh well, such is life, am I right?

This is perhaps my favorite card from the breaks I have participated in. It's numbered to 25, and all of the patches are awesome!

I will be all-in on next years Stars and Stripes, as well. A friend of mine - who I met in the card shop in Lubbock - will almost certainly be in the product. Josh Jung (pronounced like "Young") is Tech's starting third baseman. He was selected to play on the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team this summer, as soon as Tech is finished at the College World Series (hopefully winning their last game!). Josh is predicted to be a first-round pick in next year's draft, also. Regardless of how things play out, it's been cool to have him as a friend, and I am beyond happy for him and all of his successes!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cards From Julie

Julie of A Cracked Bat fame sent a mailer full of Ranger goodies my way a couple weeks ago. It came at a perfect time - my dissertation was getting the best of me and making me a cranky person. It was nice to receive cards as a pick-me-up!

Let's take a look at some of my favorites from the package, shall we?

This Frank Catalanotto Status diecut comes from 2002 Donruss Elite. To make it more interesting, this is a NSCC exclusive...

...numbered 5 of 5! Sweet! I always enjoyed watching Cat play. He was one of the few highlights in some pretty lean years.

A Topps Finest Rookies card of Mike Lamb. Gotta love that Finest feel!

A beautiful, shiny foil Upper Deck card of Mr. Ranger, Michael Young. There is nothing wrong with this card. It's perfect!

These three came together in a cello-like pack. Produced to bring awareness to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization, this were distributed...somehow. I'm not certain if they came in a package of something or if they were given away at games...there just isn't much information out there about the set.

All of the cards share the same backside. These have immediately become some of my favorite cards.

Julie, I can't thank you enough! Thanks for thinking of me!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Yet Another Case Break With Hawks Breaks

Well, a few cases to be exact. I bought into a three-case player break for 2014 Bowman Draft (I chose Luis Ortiz, drafted by the Rangers but traded to the Brewers) and a single team case break for 2017 Bowman's Best. You know how this works, so let's get to it.

I've always loved the silver ice parallels. These, along with atomic parallels (which I believe are essentially the same thing), are always some of my favorite cards. This was the only parallel I got from the Draft break.

I also snagged this refractor auto in the third case of the break. It would prove to be the only auto I got, but I am happy with my haul.

As I mentioned, I had the Rangers in the 2017 Bowman's Best single case break. 

Willie Calhoun is featured on these inserts. On the top is the Baseball America Gradebook insert. Below is the Prime Cuts insert. The Baseball America insert also has a few autographed parallels, though I didn't get one.

This would have been my best hit from the break. It's a green refractor auto of Christopher Seise. I also got a base auto, but I forgot to scan it.

Not too bad of a haul. As they say, "them's the breaks!"

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

2017 Elite Extra Edition

My LCS had box of 2017 Elite Extra Edition for sale for a really good price. Though I'm not normally a Panini guy, I decided to give it a try. The box came with eight guaranteed hits, at least six of which were autos.

This is a base auto from the set. It's an on-card auto. Most of the autos in the set are on-card, though there are still a number of sticker autos.

There are also auto parallels. This is a diecut "Status" parallel featuring Detroit's Alex Faedo, numbered to 75.

The box contained a number of parallels, also. Unlike Topps, these parallels really pop.

Some parallels are diecut, like this one. 

My box had two relics. The first was this one:

This jumbo Future Threads relic features a jersey swatch from Rhys Hoskins, numbered to 99.

My last relic was this:

A jumbo patch auto of Ynmanol Marinez, now a member of the Miami Marlins organization. It's a nice patch and a low number. The only problem I have is the sticker auto. But hey, it does no good to complain now. 

I enjoyed this break. Having seven autos in my box (though not all are shown here) was pretty awesome. I also really enjoy the parallels. As I mentioned above, they really pop and stand out from what Topps would consider a parallel. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

A Violation of Common Sense

BEFORE I BEGIN: I am currently working on my "What I Collect" post for Night Owl's Blog Bat Around. It's taking me a bit longer than I anticipated (because my dissertation is ruining my life, as I have mentioned previously). I promise it will be published this week! Now, on to today's regularly-scheduled post...


I'm really growing to love the Trading Card Database. It is a fountain of cardboard information and even facilitates trading with new people. This is great...until it isn't.

I recently completed a trade with a user that would net me the Adrian Beltre Players Weekend manufactured patch. I know, just last week I complained about these cards. Still, this is a card featuring a Ranger and I collect cards featuring Rangers, so you do the math. Full disclosure: I sent only four insert cards to the other person (who proposed the trade), so this "problem" wasn't a big deal. 

Fast forward to the day that I received the card. The other person sent the card in a PWE. Not a problem, but it is a relative thick card. So long as he put it in a toploader, the card should have made its way to me safe.

But it didn't. 

Turns out that the other trader doesn't really care about packaging, as he just threw the card in a team bag and then an envelope. No penny sleeve, no toploader. When it arrived, it had a vertical crease down the middle.

The crease isn't visible in the scan, but it's there.

This really bothered me. It still does. However, I decided not to say anything about it to the other trader. I felt that the card was essentially free so I shouldn't complain. Now I'm kicking myself because it is definitely outside of the acceptable timeframe to complain.

Still, it's a violation of basic common sense that anything sent in a PWE will go through an automated sorter, meaning that extra thick cards are at serious risk for damage. I wonder if he even felt the slightest built guilty when he received the bubble mailer from me that had each card in a penny sleeve and top loader. Doubtful.

Am I making too much of this?