Sunday, September 15, 2013

200? Already???

I've officially hit 200 posts! Okay, so maybe that number needs an asterisk by it because more than 40 of my recent posts have been team checklists, but Barry Bonds was busy and couldn't give me an official ruling. So, I stand by my number proudly.

I can't believe I've been fairly regular in posting for almost five months. I'm pretty happy about that. I know that my posts are usually pretty brief, just explaining and showing cards that I've added to the collection. A couple of times I've shared a story and those pieces seem to go over well, so I am going to try to post at least one story a week that is similar to those I've shared in the past, but I can't guarantee that. 

My Trade Bait page is about 90% complete. I have all the relevant base cards up (i.e. base cards, inserts, etc.), but I am going to create a page devoted to the "hits" that will have pictures. I think that is probably the best way to post those so that you know what I have to offer.

So...yeah. I guess that's about it.  Thanks again for reading, and let me know what I can do to improve the site. I'll consider any and all suggestions.

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  1. Congrats!! I'm wrapping up some organizing and then I'll really go after those wantlists!