Saturday, September 28, 2013

2013 Bowman Chrome - Anybody Interested in a Break?

I've never explicitly said it, but I'm a fan of Bowman. That probably comes as no surprise if you read this blog. 

The 2013 incarnation of the Bowman Chrome product hit the streets yesterday. With a base set composed of 220 current players as well as 220 prospects, it appeals to the set builder in me, and that many base cards should keep me busy until 2014 Gypsy Queen streets in six months. 

So here's my question: is anyone interested in joining me in a break? If I can get 15 teams accounted for at $15 a team, I should be able to break three boxes. The remaining 15 teams would be randomly assigned. 

I hope y'all are as interested in doing this as I am. Beyond the base set, there are a ton of prospect autographs as usual, but there are also autographs from many of today's stars as well, including Bryce Harper and David Ortiz, and past stars like Ernie banks and Ken Griffey Jr. 

Join dammit!!!!


  1. I'm in for any shiny Braves you might find.... oh, and some random scrub team not nearly so cool.

    1. Sweet! If you don't mind, could you mention it on your blog? The sooner we get commitments, the sooner we can roll with it! And for posterity sake, I have the Nats.

  2. I am in for the Dodgers to get me some Kershaw and trade bait !