Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Another Top 5 Bites The Dust! (Plus An Extra Card)

I've wanted this card since I first saw it. I think it's beautiful...but it initially cost more than $30. I just can't do that for one card anymore. So I waited...and waited...and waited...and finally, I was able to grab a copy for less than the price of a blaster.


2015 Topps Strata Shadowbox Auto of Joey Gallo!

The scan really doesn't the the card justice. I was surprised to see that the card is almost half an inch thick! I don't have any top loaders that thick, but I'm hoping to pick a few up at my LCS soon.

This isn't the only Gallo that I have picked up lately. With the release of 2016 Heritage, I knew I had to grab one of these, too:

Chrome Black Refractor. Again, my scanner sucks. You just have to trust me that the card is more beautiful in person!


  1. Nice, love those shadowbox autos. Kids a beast, he gonna make the big club out of Spring?

    1. I wish...They sent him to Triple A camp a couple days ago. He needs to work on making contact (as ridiculous as that sounds)...he had a 40% strikeout rate last year.

  2. He'll be back someday soon. Nice pickups!

  3. Nice cards.
    Heritage black is always something I look forward to each year.