Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I'm Looking for Your Input!!!

I've been gone for...well, I'm not certain. It seems like a long time. I could say that I was burned out on cards and I just needed to get away for a bit, but that would only be half true. The reality was that I was burned out with everything - cards, school, work...life in general. I just hit a point where I needed to step back and recharge. Fortunately, my cousin/best friend/figurative brother made a point to come spend the weekend with me, and that did wonders. It's kind of magical what 18 holes can do early on a Sunday morning.

I'm ridiculously far behind on posting because of my need to step back. Don't believe me? Here's my pending post folder, and as you can tell, some have been pending for a while:

This is part of a larger problem I'm finding that I have. I recently began reorganizing my collection. I have almost everything physically organized, but I need a way to digitally organize everything. Here's the system I use now. First, I have been creating a checklist of 2016 releases and the Ranger cards that are in them:

From here, I create a Rangers-only checklist:

I try to note every card, parallels to inserts, that are included. Once complete, I note each card that I have with an "X" (as you can see above.

To accompany this, I have been scanning each card, front and back, which I keep in what I have nicknamed my "Ranger Cardboard Encyclopedia":

The image above is for the 2016 cards that I have. Each folder, when opened, looks similar to this:

Thus far, everything has worked out. However, I have spent a ton of time creating the checklists, and truth be told, I'm still working on 2016. I can't imagine how much time it will take to create 40-plus years leading up to this year. Nevermind the fact that it will get infinitely more difficult when I start building checklists for products that don't have the Rangers intentioanlly identified.

So here's my question. How do you keep a digital catalog of your collection? Do you use specific software? Have you created your own system? I would greatly appreciate your input! Feel free to create your own post on the matter and leave the link in the comment sections below!

Now, I can't end this post without sharing some cardboard! In building my 2016 checklist, I've come across a few sets that feature only one Ranger card. One of these is the Walmart Marketside Pizza set. Prince Fielder is the only card in the set, and I recently grabbed it for about $1.25 shipped.



Nothing special, but it completes a set!

I hope everyone is doing well, and I look forward to your help with organization!


  1. Unfortunately I'm the last person to ask on this topic. I have absolutely no digital checklist other than what's on my blog. How scary is that?

  2. Easier for me, since the only checklist I track is one player (Pedro Martinez). But I got the player checklist from Beckett.com and copied & pasted into an excel spreadsheet. New tab for each year. I color code, green fill means I have it, etc.

  3. I started the process of organizing a few years back, but scrapped it once my daughter came around. I'm very much in the same boat as The Lost Collector.

  4. Look into the tradingcarddatabase (tradingcarddb.com) you can track/catalog your collection online. They also have a forum attached and most of the members are good helpful people. Another site I would have recommended if it hadn't been bought out by Beckett recently is Zistle.com. It is still around but members are concerned about how much longer it will be around. I first started tracking/cataloging my collection with Zistle before finding the database. I by no means have ALL my cards cataloged at either location.

  5. I like what you have done with the scans and folders, I had everything on Zistle so now I am looking for alternatives and trying to make my massive zistle export into a workable format.

  6. I only have digital lists of players I collect and cards I need to complete sets. I know a few who use Zistle, but it seems like such a huge undertaking that I'm pretty content to stay with what I have.