Sunday, January 8, 2017

What I Want From 2017

Since I wrapped up 2016 this morning, I should put pen to paper (digitally, of course) and try to give myself a roadmap for 2017. These are my goals for the upcoming year.

1. Get my hands on a 1969 Mickey Mantle
This was the only card from my 2016 Top 5 Most Wanted that I didn't get. It's kind of sad that I call myself a baseball card collector and yet I still don't have a card of the Mick from his playing days. Therefore, this goal is a priority.

2. Finish organizing my collection
I've really scaled back my collecting habits from what I was trying to accomplish when I jumped back in the collecting pool. Back then, I wanted to build every set that was released. That's just crazy. Now, I've just been trying to build a few miscellaneous sets (Heritage, Stadium Club, Gypsy Queen and Allen & Ginter) along with getting the newest Ranger cards. This is more feasible, but still difficult for the same reason - so dang many sets and parallels!

3. Start and complete the 2012 Topps Heritage base set
Heritage has really become my favorite set to build every year. I have every set (in some stage of completion) since 2013. This year I want to build a 2012 set to add to the collection. Part of me wants to try to find a couple hobby boxes, but I think that the financially logical choice to find a set on eBay and go form there. Unless someone has a spare set lying around that they wouldn't mind trading! For the record, I'm not considering short prints as part of this goal. I want them, but the cost is ridiculous (as it always is), so I am sticking to the base set. 

4. Add 50 new cards to my Rusty Greer player collection
I really enjoyed adding new cards to my Greer PC last year. So why not continue that this year? I believe that 50 is definitely attainable, maybe even easily so. I guess we'll find out!

5. Find a new way to digitally share my growing Rangers cardboard collection
I've been scanning the front and back of every Ranger card that I have as part of my organization process. What's the point of that if I can't share these images with everyone?!?! I have my team sets currently linked to a Photobucket album, but that site runs slow and is full of ads. It drives me crazy. this year, I would like to build my own site that allows me to share the cards I have. If you aren't a Rangers fan, you probably don't care, and that's perfectly fine. But this is something I've wanted to do and 2017 is going to be the year I do it!

So there ya go: my 2017 collecting goals. I hope that these goals will lead me to working with all of you at some point this year!

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  1. A page at the top would be a good place to show off a scan collection. Good luck!