Thursday, December 14, 2017

Topps Redemption Update OR The Post Where I Admit My Love For Sage Steele

When Topps released the 2017 Allen and Ginter checklist, there was one autograph I knew I had to get: Sage Steele. I'm as mass communication scholar, and if I wasn't so interested in strategic communication, I would have studied sports communication.

Disclaimer: I hate ESPN. It has become to sports news what MTV currently is to music videos. Just too many people sitting at round tables screaming at one another. Mix in overtly political commentary and you lose my interest. I'm not saying that ESPN is wrong for doing this - I'm merely saying that format isn't what I am looking for. Unfortunately, the network really doesn't have any real competitors, so I'm stuck with it.

All of that being said, there are certain aspects I do like about ESPN. One of those things happens to be Sage Steele. She's brilliant and beautiful (two things I will never be accused of being - heyo!). Anyway, moving on.

I was at my local LCS when someone pulled the redemption for her auto. Ten bucks later, the redemption was mine! A couple months later, the card was mine!

To say I am stoked to have this card would be an understatement. There are a few other cards I would like to acquire from the set, including Jayson Stark and Ken Rosenthal, but I haven't been able to find one in my (meager) price range. So if you happen to have either and wouldn't mind working out a trade, let me know!

Topps also sent along a bonus card for the wait:

If anyone wants it, lemme know!


  1. HELLO ReDemption! Nice pickup. Now with that Dodger why do they say "Billingsley at the bat" when he's pitching? Did he have an impressive batting year for a pitcher that year?

  2. I only watch ESPN to view an actual game. So much good commentary/video on the internet that you can pretty much avoid it if you want. Also Quick Pitch on the MLB Network is money for baseball highlights.

    Always rewarding when a redemption goes smoothly.

  3. I haven't watched ESPN in years, that being said, I do enjoy me some Sage Steele :)

  4. I haven't watched ESPN since I was in college... Wasn't sure who Sage Steele was until now. Wow, she is beautiful.