Sunday, February 7, 2016

New PC Additions

I have really grown to really dislike the USPS, and that is putting it mildly. The cost to mail something is getting crazy, and the government organization itself is one of the most inefficient, money wasting institutions in our country. 

As many of you know, mailing prices recently went up. My rant aside, that means that my eBay purchases need to be a bit more efficient. I have begun to search for multiple cards from sellers to save a bit on shipping.

This was the case with my most recent purchase. I snagged a couple cards for the Ranaudo PC:

Framed mini auto from '15 A&G
'15 Triple Threads Rookie Phenom base auto
I also grabbed a couple non-PC cards:

'15 Strata relic from Prince Fielder
Ryan Rua '15 Tops Chrome base auto
My scanner doesn't do the last couple cards justice, especially the Rua.

All this talk about being efficient on eBay, and I still managed to buy a single card from another seller without looking for others:

Also from Triple Threads, this Phenom Auto Relic is the black parallel numbered to 35.

That's it for the evening. I'm a bit exhausted after watching the a Peyton Manning fan, it was an emotional night knowing it was probably his last game. Good night everyone.