Sunday, February 14, 2016

The First Top 5 Most Wanted Of 2016 Is Captured

I recently saw a seller post one of my Top 5 Most Wanted for 2016 for $10, which is $10 to $15 cheaper than I have seen it. So naturally, I grabbed it:

1969 Topps #50 Bob Clemente. It's in pretty good shape, considering the age. The corners are rounded a a bit frayed, but it is perfect for me.

The card is also another one of the uncorrected errors from the set. Can you find it?

Look in the information box. "BATS: R" is listed twice.

This is a quick post, but not because I have a Valentine's date. Since I'm recently single, I'm spending the day drinking my sorrows away! That's not true. I'm actually writing this on Friday (the 12th), so that I can go home for the weekend. When you read this, I should be building some large garden planters for my grandmother.

Hope everyone is well!