Thursday, June 30, 2016

P-Town Is Where It's At

I've never been to Peoria, Illinois. I've driven through the state to get to Chicago for spring break 11 years ago, but I wasn't back into the hobby yet, so I had no idea that Peoria is the home to incredible cards.

At least, that's the perception I get from P-Town Tom's latest package. A little while back, I sent Tom a framed parallel of Addison Russell (I think???) from 2016 Gypsy Queen. I'm trying to slim down my collection, so I didn't mind sending a card that I had no use for. 

I expected nothing in return. But Tom would have none of that.

Last week (or earlier this week - summer really throws off my measurement of time), I received a bubble mailer from Peoria that was filled with all kinds of awesome.

The first two cards were for my Rusty PC and my soon-to-be listed Pudge PC. Sadly, I sorted those before I scanned them. Sorry about that.

But Tom also included three sweet Dillon Tate cards. I'm pretty excited that Tate is a Ranger, so I'm stoked to add his cards. And let's face it - any card featuring a player wearing a USA jersey is just awesome.

Here was the first card:

Wow. Awesome card! Then I found this beauty:

This card is nice and shiny, which is why my scanner hates it. Awesome watch from a national team jersey! But wait, the best is yet to come:

CRUSADE!!!! How effing MAJESTIC!!! I absolutely love this card - I've always like Crusade cards, but I've never cared for Panini's no logo cards. However, add in the USA jersey, I'm sold. So perhaps you don't get as excited for this card as I did, but that's cool. I lvoe this card and now I know that I need to get all the parallels.

Tom - I can't thank you enough for the cards. I truly didn't expect anything in return, and I can't thank you enough for what you sent!


  1. Man, those Crusade cards are SWEET! Glad the package finally made it to you!

  2. "I've never been to Peoria, Illinois"

    It's like Rockford, only farther away from Chicago. Plus the hometown of Dan Fogelberg and Jim Thome, so that's a positive.