Thursday, July 14, 2016

Let's Have An Update, Shall We?

Sadly, as it is becoming the norm rather than the exception, it has been a while since I last posted. I have been reading the blog roll, but, save for a few instances, I haven't had much interaction. I have, however, continued to collect, and my scan folder shows just a bit of what I need to talk about:

I recently knocked a couple cards off the Top 5 Most Wanted.

Let's have a look.

First up is the Cole Hamels Real One auto from 2016 Heritage. I managed to pick this up at my LCS. I've been looking for one for a decent price, but nothing ever found its way to eBay in my price range. However, I traded a few cards to my LCS owner a while back, so I was able to grab this for essentially $10.

The next card not only had a place on the Top 5, it also had a spot in my Bowman Auto Project.

This is the 2015 Bowman Draft Chrome auto of the Rangers' 2015 first round pick (#4 overall) Dillon Tate. This card has also been too expensive for my tastes, so when I saw a BIN price that was in my range, I grabbed it. 

But that isn't the only Tate card I grabbed. He has a few autos in 2016 Bowman, and I couldn't resist.

Tate has an auto in the Top 100 insert line. This is the gold parallel, and by my understanding, this is the only version of the card that is signed. I have yet to see any other parallels that are autographed.

Then I snagged this purple retail auto. I'm too lasy to look up the numbering, but I think it's to 199.

Tate is also featured on a Turn Two insert. This one took a bit of spare change to grab. Why? Well...

...Because it features two autographs. Lewis Brinson is featured on the back side. Like the Top 100 insert, it appears that this is the only version of the card that is autographed EXCEPT for the superfractor.

Lastly, I also grabbed this gold retail auto, numbered to 50. I still need a green version (numbered to 99), and I recently missed out on an orange version (numbered to 25).

Outside of Turn Two auto, all of the 2016 Tate autos cost $10 or less. Gotta ball on a budget, you know.

So there are a few new things. Hopefully I can a few more soon (well, sooner than later).

Hope all is well!


  1. Love the turn two double autos. I've been trying to win the Pirates version but ever since Glasnow got his first taste of the big leagues it has been super expensive.

  2. That Hamels is awesome! Congrats on the recent additions!

  3. This year's Heritage Real One autographs sure are a thing of beauty. I picked up the Kaline a few months ago... but I really need to find a few more for the PC.