Saturday, July 30, 2016

A New Addition for the '69 Set

My eBay purchases seem to have really slowed down recently. As a matter of fact, my collecting purchases in general have slowed. I don't think that I am losing interest in the hobby, I just think that I am finally learning what most of you already know - Topps floods the market with a ton of different products and rarely use different photos. So it's kind of like buying the same cards over and over. Call me jaded, but I'm fairly sick of it.

When I do purchase cards, it seems they are for various PCs. This was this situation with my latest purchase. Behold:

I was able to grab this PSA 2 Bob Gibson for essentially a Lincoln. I know some of you will feel I overpaid, but I happily traded my cash for this cardboard. The card has seen its fair share of life. It has a crease right down the middle and the corners are well loved.

The more I work on this set, the more I fall for low-grade cards. I look at each one and imagine the life it has lived - from a little boy tearing open the wax, to a young man trading it for his favorite player. Perhaps the card went into a 10-year-old's shoebox and stayed there until that boy grew into a man, who then sold it in a garage sale. If only the card could talk, I'm sure it would have an incredible story. 

That's it for now. Thanks for sticking with me even though my posts are few and far between.

I hope everyone is well!


  1. 5 bucks? That's awesome! At that price you could use it as a coaster... although I'm sure you'll just add it to your set.