Saturday, December 17, 2016

Topps Sent Me a Christmas Gift

You may have seen a few of these posting up on Twitter and other blogs, but I'm going to go ahead and share just in case you haven't.

I checked my mailbox earlier today and found a Christmas card from Topps.

Included with the Christmas card was an actual card. More specifically, a Topps NOW highlight card:

Naturally, the card would feature the Cubs, the Yankees....

...and the Red Sox. Nice to see a nod to Ichiro included, also. 

Now don't get me wrong, Kris Bryant represents just about everything that brought the Cubs their first title in more than 100 years. And I understand acknowledging Big Papi, as this was his last season. And Ichiro is, well, inhuman......

I don't hate Gary Sanchez, I really don't. What he did this year was incredible. But aligning that with the other three moments featured on the card isn't quite right. To me, the other moments represent a culmination of events: careers for Ichiro and Ortiz and an entire century (and more) of waiting for the Cubs. 

So, you ask, what would have been more appropriate for the card?

Well, including this guy would have been my first choice:

Of all of the people retiring, I'm not sure many represent a true history of the game in the way that Mr. Vin Scully does. The man has made some of the most iconic calls in the sport's history. Scully represents the final tie to times of old. With him gone, the sport has lost it's history's keeper, essentially.

I didn't sit down to criticize Topps for their card design; the thoughts came to me as I was typing. In reality, I think it is a very kind gesture by the company to send out these cards to everyone who purchased a Topps NOW card. We often spend a good bit of time complaining about Topps, but on occasion, they get something right. This is one of those times.

Thanks Topps!


  1. That was a nice gesture from Topps, and I agree that Sanchez is a little out of place there. Maybe they went with the four most common subjects of NOW cards?

    I do think there should have been a few more Vin Scully cards produced this year - if there were any at all. There are "Voices of the Game" cards in other sports, but they're not Topps products. Maybe they don't have a license to produce announcer cards?

    1. He has autographed cards in Topps' "The Mint" and "Exquisite" lines, so I can't imagine that they would not be able to print a card showing him in the play-by-play booth. (But that was also my first thought)

  2. I looked at it like "the next generation" on the front, taking the torch from the guys on the back. I probably can't have have an unbiased opinion on Sanchez, but I know he had about 10 Topps Now cards. You could have gone with a guy like Trout or Machade quite easily, but I'd assume they just went with their most popular players from year 1 of the program.

  3. like the idea of Vin. would have made sense to have Cubs, Yankees, Dodgers and Red Sox. all the big teams.

  4. I got mine too! I wonder what the print run on this card was?