Sunday, February 12, 2017

And It's All Over!!!! Contest Results and a Question

My second Card Cave contest has officially reached it's end. The votes have been counted...

...and zman40 of Autocards just absolutely runs away with it! Zman, email me your address (judsonmeeks AT gmail DOT com) and I will get your prize pack in the mail this week!


The post that announced my first card cave contest also asked y'all how you organized your collection. I have a similar question now. I've noted that I scan in all of my cards in my collection, but in terms of a running checklist of my cards, what I have isn't working very well.

Here's where I would like your input. I know many of you talk of a self-made checklist, which I assume is made in a program like Excel. If this is true, what columns does your checklist have? I'm assuming year, manufacturer, set, card number, I off base here? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I have it all written out on looseleaf. Each set gets written out, with each number having a line. When I get the card, the date added and the subject of the card gets written in. The space after the card subject is used for parallels. For the computer listings, I have excel files for each letter where I type in which card. I only do that after I scan the cards so. For fully documenting I use the Trading Card Database....the only viable option in my opinion. It's the only place I have my baseball, football and hockey collections documented, though I do want to get them on looseleaf eventually.

    1. for each letter where I type in which cards I have per person. I forgot to finish writing the sentence, lol.

  2. I'm an Excel guy, and my headings in order are as follows:
    year, card #, brand, set title, special (this column is where I note serial numbers, parallels, relics & autos), team of player, player name, and blogger (who sent me the card if applicable).

  3. I don't have the patience to do an excel checklist. I should, but I don't. I do keep an excel sheet of TTMs.

  4. The only detailed documentation of what I HAVE is the back quarter of my binder of want lists that is a catalog of all the Redskins cards I have. I bought an index several years ago and added a couple years to it later. I've had to just list out the most recent years by set and number in Word.

    Otherwise, I really have no running inventory of any kind. I keep detailed want lists in a couple forms - mostly my website, but some oddball things are only printouts. One of these days, I'll make a list of completed sets and leftover star cards for insurance purposes. Or at least I keep telling myself I will. But once I complete a set, it comes off the website and there is no written record of it after that. And the player collections are just running want lists. I did try to scan and print out the post-career cards on a few of my major player collections too, but updating them is a problem.

    I think I'm just now getting to the point with all the volume I have of not being able to remember every set I've completed. Lately I've found a few I didn't remember getting, or had to look in the cabinet to see what year a few of them are.

  5. I've used Zistle in the past (Which I've really liked until another company bought them out), now I've gone back to TradingCardDB and keeping track of my Collection on an excel document (one year each page)

  6. My organization is pretty disorganized. I've tried spreadsheets, I've tried online checklist sites, and I've even tried Word. For the most part, my organization relies more on what I know I *don't* have -- my online wantlists -- than knowing what I have.

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