Monday, July 24, 2017

An Owed Apology

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed last night when I came across this tweet from Sooz, everyone's favorite Topps employee:
Naturally, I had to read the replies and try to determine what was going on. Of course, a handful of d*ckheads had to throw their comments on Twitter and different forums.

"What a waste. Who cares about company employees?

"If it isn't a baseball card, why is it even part of the set?"

Those are just a couple of the "nicer" comments, if you can call them that. I became pretty upset that people were reacting this way. First, if all you care about are baseball cards, then Ginter is not the set for you. The reason it is so popular with many collectors is precisely because it has non-baseball cards in it. Second, how awful does it sound when people say they don't care about Topps employees? To me, it sounds extremely self-centered and narcissistic, and that's coming from a self-identified conservative! (wink wink, we can all get a little chuckle, right?)

The more I thought about this, the more I realized that I am part of the problem. I love baseball cards, which means that I love Topps (since I can't stand cards without logos). Yet I have rarely been one to point to something and thank Topps or the employees. 

More frequently, I am criticizing something about the company. The same player photo being used too many times. Inconsistent formatting. Long wait times on redemptions.

Never have I thanked Topps for having multiple products out that have a wide variety of prices, allowing everyone, regardless of income, the opportunity to collect something.

Never have I thanked Sooz for this year's Stadium Club photos, especially ones like this:

I don't care what anyone says, this might be the single greatest baseball card ever (and I don' say that just because I'm a Rangers fan).

I've never thanked Topps for providing hobby boxes as prizes for Gint-A-Cuffs or for providing boxes for review to other bloggers that I read regularly (self promo: Topps, if you read this, I would be happy to review your baseball products! haha). The company does give back to the collector community and I don't think they ever really get the credit they deserve.

Is it okay to critique and criticize the company? Absolutely. However, if that's all you want to do - without ever offering praise when it is deserved - then keep your thoughts to yourself. You are offering nothing that makes the hobby or collecting community better. 

I'll take my own advice here, too. For my part, I apologize to Topps for being a critic too frequently. To Sooz, I apologize that there are those out there that would take this opportunity to ruin something that the rest of us would (figuratively) kill for. Thank you for your hard work and for trying to interact with our community on a regular basis.

Now, if we could just get you to follow in your husband's footsteps and be a Rangers fan instead of a Yankees fan......


  1. For Sooz to get her own card, that's really cool of Topps. I wonder if she gets a copy or if she has to chase one like everyone else?
    I hear what you're saying... lots of negativity from all sorts of different directions. I'd like to be able to say that I haven't ridden that train, but I can't. (Not too long ago I was harping on Topps for the reusing of player photos.)
    Topps does a good job. In fact I think they really stepped up their game for A&G this year. The "Bust a Move" cards, which included the dance steps on the back, were a brilliant move. The "Dude" cards and the photo selection for those are just way too much fun. And too top it off they went with the glossy "hot box" which I don't think anyone saw coming. Fun-fun-fun!
    You're right though, there's too much whining and complaining for my likes. It's too bad Sooz got caught in the cross hairs.
    Good post, Judson.

  2. Wow. Congratulations Sooz for getting your own card! My philosophy is we all have opinions and not all of them are going to be positive. I'm not perfect... and I'll share my non-positive opinions from time to time... but I try to be constructive. The idea of being rude or hurtful isn't my intent. But if there was one good thing about her Twitter post and your blog post, it has opened my eyes a little. I'll definitely be more conscientious of what I leave in my future comments.

    As for Topps... I will always be loyal to them. They're not perfect, but 4 out of 5 comments or blog post I write about them are positive. And the ones that aren't... I try to offer constructive criticism. Lol... that's the teacher in me.

    Great post!

  3. Well said, Judson.

    A&G is my least favorite product of the year, but you know what I do? I just don't buy any. No sense in blabbing about it or going out of my way. I just steer clear, although I still appreciate getting the Yankees sent to me in trade packages!

    I like what you said - multiple products so there's something for everyone.