Sunday, January 7, 2018

Looking Ahead to 2018

Now that I've put a bow on 2017, it's time to look ahead to 2018.

This post will be much shorter than my last.

The reality is this: my only goal for 2018 is to enjoy collecting. Whatever brings me enjoyment will be the path I follow. As I was mentioning in the last post, setting goals - at least for me - made collecting less enjoyable because I felt like I had to do certain things.

There are a couple things that I hope to do, however. First and foremost, I want to build the 2018 Heritage set (including High Number). I've got every Heritage base set dating back to 2013 (those high-numbered short prints can be a pain in the butt to gather!) and the High Number sets from 2016 and 2017 (though I think I also have 2015 somewhere, I just need to find it).

I would also like to keep getting my collection organized in the Trading Card Database. This has been an incredibly useful tool for me recently, and I hope to get everything put in by the end of the year. I crave organization!

So there it is: my 2018 non-resolutions!


  1. Yes, "enjoy collecting" is my only goal as well. I used to do a whole post on goals... but I didn't enjoy the exercise. LOL

  2. A very honorable goal and it seams you are definitely on your way. I'd love to get more done on TCD. I am always fascinated with it when I start poking around in there...and it seems to be a really effective, self-policing crowd sourcing tool.

  3. Looks like the Trading Card Database is really starting to trend among bloggers. Maybe I'll check it out during my next break. Having fun collecting will always be my driving force within the hobby. The day it's not fun is the day I'm gonna have a lot of extra time and money on my hands.