Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Changes Coming To MCH

I've been trying to figure out ways to make my blog more user-friendly and efficient in an effort to spur on some more trades. This has been dificult for you, the reader, because a) my trade bait isn't up to date; b) my team set project has been pushed aside and forgotten; and c) you can't really tell how or who I collect. 

Well, I am working to address those issues now. My first task has been to update and streamline my team set project. I have finally broken down and bought some binders and card pages for these. It makes it easier on me. I realize that now. I have also updated my Team Set Needs pages. Click here to see the changes for yourself. A card that is hyperlinked will take you to my photobucket page for that card. If a card is not hyperlinked, that means that I do not have it. Please give me a few more days before you start making me offers on team sets - I still have a handful of cards to upload!

Also, I am working on creating an updated Trade Bait page. I have already added a few base cards from assorted sets, but I will be adding more cards soon. Furthermore, I will add a "Hits for Trade" page that will feature hits for trade (shocker!) sorted by teams. This way, you can just find your team and see what I have. However, I will be instituting a new trade policy. In the past, I was very generous - I sent cards out for "cards to be named later" - and I never received a lot of the "cards to be named later." Therefore, that's gone. If you want a card, let me know. I will set it aside for you until a deal is reached, but I'm no longer sending them out blindly. Also, if you want an autograph that I have, I must receive an autograph in return, preferably from a Ranger. Again, I don't mind holding a card for you until you can get your hands on one. I hope that this doesn't make me sound like a jerk - I really just want to keep things fair.

Lastly, I will be updating my player collections. I think it is pretty well known that I am working on a Luke Jackson PC. But I will be adding one or two more soon. I love Joey Gallo, but his cards are becoming too expensive for me to afford. I will gladly take them off your hands, but I can't devote a true PC to him. Therefore, I've been trying to figure out who else I can add to the PC list. I was looking through my cards last night and realized that I have quite a few Matt Harrison cards. He's a great pitcher who has been injured the past couple of seasons, so his cards are very affordable. Boom. There's my other PC. Look for his name to be joining Luke at your top-right.

I can't have this long of a post without showing off a card, right? Well, here's the newest addition to the PC:

2014 Bowman Inception gold auto numbered 42 of 99. I really like these cards! The thick stock is nice and the photography pleases the eye. If I had one complaint, it would be the pen used for signatures. I wish they would use a thicker Sharpie so the auto was bolder. Beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.

So there it is, my latest update. I hope this all helps facilitate some trading because I am starting to really hate spending money on new cardboard!


  1. Do I owe you cards? I certainly might and dont want to be that guy. I owe several people and I'm working on it. I swear.

  2. I have several of the '14 Bowman Platinum that you still list as needing. I was interested in a couple of the Topps Chrome and Bowman Platinum, plus some cards from old posts. If interested in trading, email me: ttorcato AT aol DOT com