Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So, The 2014 Bowman Luke Jackson Rainbow Is Winding Down

I say that because I'm getting to a point where the remaining cards I need are very scarce...which equals very expensive. However, there are occasions where I find a card that I need for an acceptable price. For instance:

It's a printing plate! This one is the magenta plate from Bowman Chrome. This one has the image reversed (remember the conversation we had a while back?). It wasn't my first choice - I wanted the black plate, but it sold - but I needed it anyway.

I bought another card from the same seller:

Another plate! This one is from the paper card. As you can see, the image has the correct orientation. It is of the cyan variation.

So in case you are wondering, I now have a plate for each part of the rainbow!

These additions leave me with 37 of 44 pieces I need for the rainbow. The remaining three autos - red, orange wave and superfractor - are probably out of my price range. I've seen three of the red refractors hit eBay, and I lost out on all three. I haven't seen the unsigned superfractor yet. I saw the red 1/1 parallel sell on eBay five months ago and I have yet to see a purple ice parallel surface yet. I have a feeling I may be at the end.

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