Monday, April 27, 2015

A New Matty H. & A New PC

I've learned that occasionally, you will find a PC card that you never knew existed. If you're lucky, you can snag it. I was the fortunate victor of one of these cards last week:

What's special about this card, you ask? Well, it's from 2014 Series 2. But there is a little piece of foil that makes it special:

Yeah, I know it's blurry. Let me read it for you: "1st edition."

This card is from one of only 10 sets that were given away as part of a Spring Training contest. Though it isn't serial numbered, Topps claims that only 10 sets were made. Gimmick card? Hell yes, and I love it.

Also, I sent out this tweet over the weekend:
I don't share that to show you I don't proofread my tweets. I show you for the "I may have started a new PC" part of the tweet.

I kind of decided that I wanted to grab some cards off this guy:

One Mr. Martin Perez. Currently rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, Perez has a ton of talent and a ton of promise. His cards are relatively affordable, and her has quite a few cool pieces of cardboard. This helps supplement my Nick Martinez PC, which is getting harder to buy for since he's doing really well to start the season.

I'll have more Perez cards to share later this week. Look for me to add a page for the PC as well. 

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