Sunday, April 19, 2015

A "Thank You" That Is Long Overdue

A while back, TJ, a.k.a. The Junior Junkie, sent out a literal ton of packages filled with amazing cardboard. I mean, the USPS receipt was 7 and a half feet long, for goodness sake. My mind was blown. I was envious of the people that would be receiving cards. I assumed that I wasn't on that list; TJ and I hadn't swapped cardboard in quite some time.

Well, my assumption was wrong. I was on the list of people to get cards from TJ! Needless to say, they were freakin' awesome!

First up, some sweet Nolans. I know the 90's were the pinnacle of the Junk Wax era (and Score was one of the worst offenders), but I love these cards! And I love SCore in general. Their cards always seemed so "clean" and legit.

TJ also included this guy for my Rusty PC. My scanner sucks - it doesn't do this card justice. It's a brilliant gold card and I am glad to have it!

Some set needs were also included in the pack...

But there were four cards that made this package awesome and over the top:

These are some of the Fleer team logo stickers! How freakin' awesome are these things??? I really don't have any cards from before the late 80's (outside of those I have picked up for my Team Set Project), so I had never seen these before TJ sent them my way. I have a quandary now, though: I have a mini fridge in my office which I have adorned with stickers (especially Upper Deck stickers from their early card lines). I really want to peel these and add them to that collection, but it feels as if I would be committing a sin if I did! What should I do?!?!?!?!?!?!

Anyway, TJ - I am incredibly sorry it took me this long to get these posted and to say Thank You. I really appreciate them, and I am looking for cards to return back your way. I thought I found a Griffey you didn't have, but I Was wrong. I promise I will find something!!!!

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