Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Time To Sign Up For My 2015 Bowman Break!!!

I've been away for a bit. I apologize. I've been...busy...

But it's time to announce this:

My 2015 Bowman Case Break!

This is one of my standard breaks. There are 15 slots available. Each person will choose a team and will receive a randomly assigned team. The cost is $63 per slot. Again, this gets you ALL cards for two teams from 12 hobby boxes, including shipping!!!

You really can't beat that, can you?

The "estimated" release date for the product is April 29. I will most likely need everyone signed up and paid up by the 20th to ensure we can still ge ta case for the price I've been quoted.

Comment below and claim your team!

Available Teams:
1. DBacks
2. Braves
3. O's
4. Red Sox
5.Cubs - Andrew
6. White Sox - Andrew
7. Reds
8. Indians
9. Rockies
10. Tigers
11. Astros
12. Royals
13. Angels
14. Dodgers
15. Marlins
16. Brewers
17. Twins
18. Mets
19. Yankees
20. A's
21. Phillies
22. Pirates
23. Padres
24. Giants
25. Mariners
26. Cardinals - Brady
27. Rays
28. Rangers - Judson
29. Blue Jays
30. Nats 


  1. I'd like the Cubs and White Sox. Pleas email me at to confirm. I'll send payment through paypal. Thanks-


    1. Oh crap. Missed my Cubs by thiiiiiiiiiis much.

  2. I will take the Cardinals- Brady Umfleet send payment info please

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  4. Where do I send payment? Thanks