Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My First Inception Purchase

I've been squirreling away spare pennies ("squirreling away"? I sound like my grandparents...) whenever I can. When I first saw the design for 2015 Bowman Inception, I fell in love with it. I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a box, knowing full-well that I was most likely spending a good chunk of change for $20 in cards (if I was lucky).

Well, I wasn't wrong.

Each box comes with four on-card autos and one auto relic card. There are multiple parallels for each card. My box was filled with a lot of base.

Aaron Blair. Never heard of him, but the card says he was the DBacks' Minor League Pitcher of the year last year and has/had a sub-2 ERA. Okay then.

Franklin Barreto. Heard of him, but don't know much. I know he was in the Toronto farm system last year, and I can't remember exactly what deal brought him to Oakland.

Aaron Judge. What is a Topps product without a Yankee, right?!?! Regardless, this is probably the best card in my box. Judge is a big dude that has a helluva bat evidently.

Rymer Liriano. Padres. Well, hm.

Robert Stephenson. Never heard of him either. Seems to be a common theme.

So that's it for my Inception box. Nothing terribly exciting, and I'm happy to trade any of these away for Rangers autos!


  1. That... Im sorry to say is a bunch of bla...
    Win some lose some ... right?

  2. The Judge is a good pull but can't being make to pay for a box