Monday, October 5, 2015

Disaster (Somewhat) Averted...So Let's Look At Some Cards!

Last you heard from me, I was typing a late night post from my office because my computer crashed.

Well, I am officially typing from home now. But not on the same computer. It's officially dead.

Nope, the old computer is gone. And it isn't a bad thing. I hated that thing. So, after having someone look at it, laugh, and then tell me in computer nerd jargon (no offense) that it was dead, I just went and bought another one. A cheap one - I have a nice desktop in my office, so I wasn't about to spend a ton of money on a new one.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to have recently moved almost everything blog related to an external hard drive, so I didn't to do much recovery.

So here we are, typing away on a new machine. But no one cares.

Let's look at some new cards!

I sold off a few more cards that I didn't have a place for and added some that fit better. First up:

Not really collecting Yu, but I snagged this card for 99 cents. Can't beat that, so I happily added to the collection.

This Refractor-y relic numbered to 25 is of the future of the Ranger's franchise, Joey Gallo. He didn't have a ton of success a the major league level this year - a lot of strikeouts but a few MONSTER home runs - but he hadn't played above Double A before he was called up. Some players need to progress to develop their eye at the plate. No worries there.

But here's the belle of the ball, in terms of my most recent pickups. This is the 2008 Blue Refractor Auto of Matt Harrison from 2008 Bowman Chrome. In terms of autos, this leaves me needing only the red, superfractor and printing plate autos.

Which leads me to something I think can be very interesting. I need quite a few Harrison cards. However, most of them are base cards or parallels (many of which are non- or high-numbered). I'm tired of having to buy all of my needs - I want to trade for some. So I'm going to have myself a little contest.

If you have a Matt Harrison card that I need (and don't have), take a look at my trade bait and let's make a deal. For every card you trade me, you will receive one entry into my contest. On December 1, I will draw a name as the winner of the contest. What will you win? Not sure yet. A blaster, cards from my trade bait - anything is possible. However, I will make one guarantee. The winner will receive one autographed baseball that is certified.

So that's all you have to do! Send me Harrison cards and get entered to win a prize pack that includes an autographed ball!


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