Thursday, October 1, 2015


Well, a disaster for me. 

This week has been horrible for me. I had to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with my students because they, as a whole, were not performing to even the most basic standards. Then, yesterday, someone keyed my truck. The truck is black, so the scratch really jumps out at you.

But Murphy was really waiting for me today....

I was finishing up a paper for one of my midterms when my computer gave me this screen:

From here, it just continually loops from the black and white startup screen to "Windows is starting..." 

So here I sit in my office, nearly midnight, just submitted my midterm (just in time!).

So what exactly does that mean?

Well, first it means that I need to figure out a way to salvage all of my photos. I had everything neatly organized on my computer's hard drive.

Second, it means that I may be out of commission for a bit until I can find a new computer. I hope I can find a cheap one because it is going to cost about $400 to get my truck fixed in the areas with the scratches. 

So, anyone care to donate to a Go Fund me page?! Hahaha


  1. Guessing you probably already Googled this, but it looks like this hard drive failure issue is a fairly common issue with HP laptops. You might be able to play around with the BIOS to find out more and see if it's truly a catastrophic issue.

  2. Oh, no. That's horrible.

    I recently got a paranoia bug up my butt and did a full system backup just in case. Tell me you did something similar!

  3. That sucks, Judson! Good luck getting it all fixed up.

  4. That really does suck. Goodluck with the fix

  5. That totally sucks. I've actually had nightmares about one of my students keying my car. As for the "talk"... I've had to have a few already this year. But in the end, hopefully the students realize that we have these "talks" because we care and want them to succeed in life.