Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Four Down...One To Go

In June, I noted that I had yet to add any of my Top 5 Most Wanted cards to my collection. Shortly thereafter, I added the Jon Daniels auto from the 2012 General Managers autograph subset.

Shortly thereafter, I added another card from the list in this 2013 Topps Heritage Matt Harrison mini.

A couple months passed. I swung a huge deal with an eBay seller and was so excited about the deal, I forgot to mention that the #1 card from the list was included.

Well, it's time to add another. This one...I was afraid I would never find this one.

Feast your eyes on....

2014 Topps Matt Harrison acetate parallel numbered 10 of 10!

I've been watching for this card since well before it was put on the list. Never saw one. Was pretty sure I would never see one.

Until last week. It hit eBay at 99 cents, so I put in a max bid that I knew would cover it - when you think you will only have one chance at a card, you make sure you don't lose.

So, with about an hour to go, the auction was still at 99 cents. I got my hopes up that I would sneak this one out for cheap. Then reality kicked me in the shin and bidders started running it up, all the way past....$16. Still not a bad deal. 

Sometimes, you just get really excited for a card. You know that no one else will probably give a damn, but that card means the word to you. For me, right now, this is that card.