Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Plea For Help and A Super Critique

I was out of town for business last Friday thorough Sunday. When I returned home, there were plumbers in my apartment. Turns out, they entered my apartment to do some work, left pipes open over night, which provided access for backed-up sewage to flow freely into my apartment for a number of hours. Needless to say, I couldn't stay at my apartment that night and I wasn't even allowed in my place until today.

I found out that a few of my things were destroyed. Mostly items that had little to no value to me, but one of the things that I did care about was a 3200-count box of cardboard that had all of my flagship duplicates in it from 2013 to 2017. Here are some pictures (minus the destroyed items - they were thrown away earlier in the week):

These two are from my bathroom. The second photo is facing directly to where my desk sits. I had my big card boxes (3200-counts) stacked next to it. The water only had to hake it about eight feet before it got to the box.

The bathroom itself...

My living room, with all of my belongings shoved to one side.

Normally, I wouldn't be too upset with this. However, just last weekend, I told Vic (@vicsdugout on Twitter) that I would send him all of my 2017 Series 1. This is now problematic, as all of mmy S1 is in the garbage.

So here's where I need your help. I hate making a promise with someone and not being able to follow through. Therefore, if you have any '17 S1 you wouldn't mind parting with, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to trade with you so I can send it to Vic. If this works for you, hit me up at judsonmeeks AT gmail DOT com!

UPDATE: Vic let me know that he was able to work out a trade for all of his S1 needs and is now working on S2. So, let me (or him, on Twitter) know if you have any up for trade!


While browsing through Twitter today, I came across a post showing that Tommy Lasorda's "superfractor" auto had been pulled from Donruss Optic. Here's the photo:

Most people know how I feel about logo-less cards (not a fan), so I won't go down that road. However, when a card is a 1 of 1, how in the world do you put a sticker auto on it??? I'm not a fan of stickers to begin with, but I understand that sometimes it is difficult to have the cards ready when the player (or former player) is ready to sign. I get it. But for a one-of-one, you should have an on-card auto!

What are your thoughts about sticker autos on superfractors?


  1. Ohh, sorry to hear that. I would be really upset with my landlord if they did that...

    I really don't have a problem with sticker autos. To me, an autograph is an autograph.

  2. Ugh that's terrible! At least they were duplicates. Hopefully your landlord (or insurance) will be able to compensate you.

  3. That's so frustrating. Glad you only lost some dupes out of it. Hope you're moved back in comfortably soon.

  4. Sorry to hear about your "flood". I'm firm in my dislike of sticker autos, period.

  5. That is horrible that a plumber's mistake ended up causing a loss for you. I am not a fan of stickers but I do understand their place in the hobby but when dealing with extremely limited cards they should be on card, no doubt.

  6. Man, what a hassle. I hope somehow you're compensated for your loss and your inconvenience.

  7. Sorry about the mess. I agree about the sticker autos, I hate them on any card let alone a 1/1. It says to me .....ARE YOU LISTENING TOPPS????? It says the card company nor the player cares enough about us, the money paying card buying fans!

  8. 1) LEt me see if I can mail anything this week.

    2) 1/1 SHOULD NEVER BE STICKER AUTOS. Each day I am amazed at the total level of shit Panini pushes out. It shows the reason you should not go exclusive with a company. Competition breeds quality.

  9. Sorry to hear about the plumbing issues. That's one of my worst nightmares. I was on a vacation last week... and I had my friend go over and check my place every other day just to make sure things were okay.

    As for sticker autographs on superfractors... that's ridiculous. But I'm also about to go through my collection and unload most of my sticker autographs to help pay for more on-card stuff.