Saturday, August 12, 2017

Topps NOW...Again

I am finding myself watching for Topps NOW cards featuring Ranger players. Rather than purchase them through Topps, I find that I can usually get them through eBay for about $5 with free shipping.

Such is the case with my two most recent pickups, both centered on Adrian Beltre.

First up:

The One-Knee Wonder. Beltre has made this follow through famous, so it is only appropriate that his card celebrating 5,000 total bases show it.

I also grabbed this one:

Beltre recently hit home run number 450. I believe he currently sits at 455, so hopefully he will reach number 500 next season. If he isn't already, having 500 homers (to go along with 3,000+ hits) should make him a first ballot hall of famer.

What are your thoughts on Topps NOW? Purchased any for yourself?


  1. If he retired at the end of the season, what cap do you think he wears on the plaque?

    1. It has to be Rangers. He had one MVP level year with the Dodgers, toiled in obscurity with Seattle, then jump started his career with a one year pillow contract in Boston. He didn't get the Hall of Fame train rolling until he stated putting up the numbers in Texas.

  2. I have one Topps Now card - the David Ortiz 'farewell' card. I'd be tempted to buy some more on the secondary market. I didn't realize Beltre was hitting so many other milestones. Do you have a Topps Now card for his 3,000th hit?

    (p.s. I was wondering the same thing as Kin - but I think the Rangers is the right answer)

    1. I did order one for hit number 3k. I'm fairly certain that if he finishes his career here, he would wear a Texas hat. I'm pretty confident that he has said as much, I'm just too lazy at the moment to find a link to the article stating that.