Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pat Neshek - TTM Hero!

Today, I found another PWE in my mailbox, this time from the inspiration for my current card fascination.

Sadly, Neshek doesn't have a card in the 2013 Gypsey Queen set.  He does, however, have this beauty in this year's Heritage set.  I sent this out last week, and got it back today.  The stitching inside the "P" makes for a nice touch to add to the uniqueness of the signature.  But that's not that Mr. Neshek included in my PWE.

He also included a few extra cards!  Now 2002 Topps is not the most attractive set, but it is cool that he would take time and cards from his personal collection to send back to a fellow collector.  This is why I love collecting and trading.  It makes it even better when a ballplayer has the same love for the hobby.

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