Saturday, June 15, 2013

So It Seems That I Like 2013 Bowman

Lately, I haven't busted any packs.  Mostly because I'm on a very tight budget (thank you for taking all my money, Vegas), but also because I was saving up to buy a box of 2013 Tribute to work on my set and to see what great hits I could get.  BUT, I couldn't resist.  Everyone has been talking about how much they are enjoying the 2013 Bowman product, so I broke down and bought two hangar packs and a blaster.  They did not disappoint.

2013 Bowman #CC-CR1 - Billy Hamilton Mini Blue Refractor #128/250

This is my favorite hit I was fortunate enough to pull.  It a mini blue refractor of Cincinnati Reds top prospect Billy Hamilton, numbered 128 of 250.  Hamilton has wheels is an understatement.  In 63 games, Hamilton has already swiped 41 bags.  In 132 games last season, he stole 155 bases.  When he reaches the big leagues, expect him to be on the move, constantly.

2013 Bowman BPA-TS - Tayler Scott Certified Auto
I pulled this certified auto of Cubs pitcher Tayler Scott.  The South African is spending his days in Single A. I've never pulled an auto in a retail pack, and I pulled this one in the first pack I opened.  It's a nice card, but it is definitely up for trade.

2013 Bowman Refractor - 1951 Willie Mays
This is a reprint of the iconic 1951 Willie Mays laid on a blue refractor background.  It's a nice card as well, but like the the Scott card, it's up for a trade if anyone wants it.

So, yeah.  All in all, well done Bowman, well done.

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