Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Bowman Hits Keep Coming

I broke down and bought a couple 2013 Bowman Blasters yesterday.  They were taunting me in the store, so I gave in.  I had pretty decent luck with them.  Here's my haul.

2013 Bowman Certified Auto - Collin Wiles Orange Parallel #107/250
Sorry if you find the pic offensively large, but I was pretty stoked to get this one, a 1:230 hit.  Collin Wiles is a young pitcher in the Rangers system.  Selected in the first round (53rd overall), Wiles will certainly be part of the Rangers' future, so long as he doesn't get traded.  Straight out of high school, he has a bit of work (and growing) to do before he makes the bigs.

2013 Bowman Certified Auto - Josh Bowman
This is the second auto I pulled.  That's right: though retail autos are placed in packs at a rate of one auto per 35 packs, I have hit three in roughly 40 packs.  This auto is by A's prospect Josh Bowman.  Nothing against him, but it's just a base auto AND i hate the A's, so this guy is up for trade.

2013 Bowman - Carlos Correa Purple Refractor #11/199
This was my last real hit of the blasters.  Behold, the number one overall pick from the 2012 draft, Astros shortstop Carlos Correa in purple refractor form, numbered 11 of 199.  Beautiful card.  I think I want to hang on to it, but feel free to make me an offer!

So like I said last time, I think I like 2013 Bowman.

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