Monday, April 21, 2014

Almost Instant Regret

Remember the Koufax penny card? In case you don't, let me remind you. I went to my LCS to deliver some cards to Jimmy, the shop owner, from my GQ break. 

While I was there, I decided to buy a few packs of GQ for myself. I declined to buy the mini box. Jimmy opened it, and this was inside. 

I instantly hated my life. I wanted that card. I've always liked Koufax (he was my grandpa's favorite player, so he's always been important to me). Jimmy knew I wanted it, so he offered to let me have it for some higher-end cards I had and cash. I took him up on the offer. 

The card now belongs to me. 

But now that I want it, I wish I would have spent my money elsewhere. I just don't ever see my Koufax collection going anywhere (let's be honest - I can't afford his cards!), so I think the card belongs with someone who will truly love it. 

So here's the deelio, peeps: make me an offer. Cash, cards - offer me something that does fit in my collection. I've got it on eBay now for $475 OBO, but I would rather send it to someone I know. However, if I don't get something worked out in the next 24 hours, I'm going to put it up on eBay for auction. 

Someone already offered me a Machado Bowman Chrome Auto, a Clint Frazier auto graded at 9.5 and a James Taillon Bowman Chrome Superfractor. Would anyone be interested in those? If so, what would you trade for them? I could always go back and see if he will still offer them up. 

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  1. Since none of the Dodger bloggers has jumped in, I'll offer up...who am I kidding. That is one sweet card. As for the instant regret, I pretty much feel that way every time I buy a pack.