Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Blog Update

First, a big thank you to everyone who commented or sent me a note about my last post. As I said, getting excited about collecting has been trying lately. I've let some cards pass that I've needed for various projects, I've stopped looking for certain players, and set building has become a bit tedious.

However, your emails have not gone unnoticed. It is a bit comforting to know that I'm not the only one who has gone through the doldrums. A big thanks for PATP for giving me a call and encouraging me. For now, I'm still here. I'm still interested in my Cruz PC and I'm gaining more and more interest in grabbing some Ranger prospect autos from past years of Bowman. We'll see how I feel when Bowman streets in a couple weeks.

Almost all of the cards from the break went out today. Brian, I still have yours, but they go out tomorrow. Bru, I still need your address my friend! Everyone else, you should be getting your cards this week! (Dutch, yours may be next week or later - I'm not sure how quickly they come to you!)

Also, I'm revamping my Trade Bait page. It is partially up now, so feel free to check it out. From here on out, I will have my tradeable hits listed by team, then by player. It should be easier to find cards you may be interested in this way. In regards to what I may be looking for in return, I think I would prefer something similar (i.e. an auto for an auto, a relic for a relic, parallel for a parallel). However, that isn't set in stone. For instance, a blue Heritage parallel could be had for a couple cards I need in my Heritage set. So give it a look and let me know if anything tickles your fancy.

So thanks again, everyone, for sticking with me while I whine all the time. All in all, life isn't bad, so I need to build a bridge and get the f*** over it, right?!

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  1. Thanks, it will get there when it gets there ! Good luck crossing the bridge, if you need help and support let us know !