Monday, April 28, 2014

I Have A Question For You!

Online retailers: the faceless stores that seem to be able to sell product for up to 20 percent less than brick-and-mortar card shops.

I would be willing to be that everyone that reads this blog has bought cardboard from an online retailer at least once (I know because I read all of your posts!). I certainly have. There are four that I am aware of:

  1. Atlanta Sports Cards
  2. Dave & Adam's Card World
  3. Steel City Collectibles
  4. Blowout Cards 
I've used Atlanta Sports cards for my 2013 A&G break as well as my recent 2014 GQ break. I get amazing customer service and everyone is always extremely nice. I've never used Dave and Adam's or Steel City because they tend to be pricier than Atlanta. And I will never, Never NEVER use Blowout because of their poor customer service.

That being said, I am looking to you to discover your favorite online retailer. Leave a comment below with the name and website, along with why you like them. I'm going to compile a list and (hopefully) keep an updated tab on my site for everyone to use when searching for the best price on cardboard!

Thanks everyone!


  1. I've only used Dave & Adam's Card World and Blowout Cards. I haven't had any real customer service issues with either of them, although Dave & Adam's failed to send a pre-order once until I e-mailed them to remind them to send it. They sent it right away and promised to put a small credit on my account to cover for the inconvenience. The credit never materialized, but I didn't pursue it. Being promised a credit and not receiving it is arguably more frustrating than not being offered one at all.

  2. For me Blowout has the cheapest shipping costs to Canada so they are my go to site. I have used ebay in the past, but not for pre-orders.

  3. I've dealt only with Atlanta Sports Cards and Dave & Adam's. No complaints with either. I'm close enough to Dave & Adam's that I can walk into one of their stores. In person, not the most fantastic service, but online no issues.

  4. Dave and adam's for me as the ship the best to Europe !

  5. I've always been loyal to Dave and Adam's, for several reasons.

    1. They often have the best prices, although they compete closely with blowout
    2. They're located close to me so shipping is quick
    3. They provide "bonus gifts" - spend $50, pick a gift from group X, spend $100 pick a gift from group Y, etc. They're not anything that great or valuable, but a nice touch nonetheless.
    4. Never had a customer service issue.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Like Dave & Adams, Atlanta Sport Cards, and Steel City. Used all three and excellent service too. Steel City is about only hour and a half from me so I get the package pretty quick too. Another one that I like is Cards Infinity. Chris provides quick shipping and has beaten Dave an Adams on some prices. He has excellent customer service and speeding shipping an replies to emails too. Free shipping is on orders 250.

  7. I've used all four of the online shops you've listed and have never had any issues. I'm a penny pincher, so I'll compare prices and go with whoever has the best deal. Sometimes if the prices are simililar... I'll end up shopping with D&A, because they give away free cards with purchases.