Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finally, Some New Cards To Share

Amid all of the complaining, I actually did purchase some new cardboard. After learning that Nelson Cruz would appear in a Rangers uniform for Gypsy Queen, I knew that I needed to grad his cards. I'm not sure how many more sets will have him featuring the red, white and blue.

The cards are all minis. I'm not a big fan - there size and shape make them difficult to store - but I picked them up anyway. First up, the black version, numbered 91/199:

Next, the red version, numbered 71/99:

I didn't pull any reds from our break, so I'm wondering if these are a retail-only parallel. Anyone know?

And lastly, the sepia parallel, numbered 7 of 50.  Much closer to the brown side of the color spectrum this year.

So there it is, my first three cards in what seems like an eternity.


  1. Nice! Not sure if the reds are retail only, but I think they might be. They're #'d to 99 but land 1:9 retail packs. I'm glad they do though, because retail blasters have just 8 packs with 6 cards each, a weak value otherwise.