Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some Vintage Paper

I'm actually busy at work, but this deserves a post. My boss often goes to estate sales and antique shops on the weekend, and this occasionally results in random baseball-related gifts to me (he once paid $80 for four binders full of 89-90 Donruss. Painful.).

This time, however, he placed this on my desk:

Hmm. A book. A vintage book, "vintage" in this case meaning pre-1980. I love collecting old books. Wonder what this one is about.

"Grand Slam. Sweet! A baseball book! Those author names look familiar...


Each guy has his own section! Bet you didn't know Mickey Mantle was an established writer, did you?

Anyway, back to work. Just wanted to share!


  1. Cool. From the spine it looks like it did some time as a library book.

    1. Well D'uh The stamp that says "St. Philips College Library".