Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 Heritage Box Break

I bought a box of 2015 Heritage a few weeks ago. I still love the cards, but I wish there was a bit more confidence in the "hit." The past two years, I've pulled a Mike Moustakas Clubhouse Collection relic. I was ready to burn the card shop down if I pulled another one.

So, did I pull another one?

No, I didn't. Moustakas didn't have a relic in this year's Heritage.

Thank. You. God.

So what did I pull? Well, the first good card was a Chrome refractor:

My scanner sucks, but this is a Mike Trout refractor, numbered 309/566. Not a bad start.

I also grabbed one of the scratch-n-sniff bubblegum stain back variations:

Mr. Josh Donaldson. Not bad again.

Last but not least, what about the promised hit?

An auto, Joe Christopher of the Red Sox. He only played one season in Boston, and had a relatively average career.

Still, an auto is better than a relic any day.

I should note that I also pulled a Masahiro Tanaka action variation and my box loader had the Tanaka rookie cup on the panel. However, before I thought to scan them, I sent them to The Lost Collector (I try to get rid of Yankees as soon as I get them - I don't need that kind of bad karma!). So, maybe he will post about them. If not, I'm sure you can find images on eBay.

I will probably be getting another box soon. Hopefully, I will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed this one!


  1. As luck would have it, my post today is about the box topper!

  2. If it's up for trade. I'd love the Christophet