Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

If there's one thing that I've learned since jumping back into the hobby, it's that my collecting tastes and habits change. Sometimes they change overnight, sometimes they change over the course of months. I say all of this because I decided to say goodbye to one of my player collections.

Not just any PC, but my main PC: Luke Jackson.

Jackson cards were just getting too expensive for me to afford. I couldn't justify paying a large amount of money on one card when that money could buy 10 to 20 cards for my other player collections. That being said, I've been enjoying grabbing cards for my Matt Harrison and Nick Martinez PCs recently, and these cards are far more affordable.

So, with all of that in mind, I ventured in to my local LCS and asked if he would be interested in the Jackson PC. Much to my surprise, he made an extremely fair offer that consisted of a good bit of cash and a couple boxes of cards. 

Which cards, you ask? Well, Heritage and Bowman Draft, of course. Want to see what I pulled?

Okay, I'll share.

I opened the Bowman first. Pretty standard stuff, but the auto was a good one:

Michael Chavis of the Red Sox. The card seems to belling pretty well on eBay, but I think I am going to hold onto it. Earlier in the year, I pulled some decent base autos from Grant Holmes, Trea Turner and Derek Hill (which I also pulled his blue auto), so this will fit in nicely with those.

I haven't had much luck with colored refractors, but that changed yesterday. Check this out:

BOOM. Erick Fedde red refractor numbered 5 of 5. This one is already on eBay.

After this, I moved on to the Heritage. The last box I opened was a Yankee hotbox of sorts, with the panel featuring Tanaka and the Tanaka action variation. What did this one have in store?

First, an action variation of King Felix.

Then the bubblegum stain variation of Ian Desmond.

A Chrome parallel of Josh Harrison.

A refractor of Javier Baez and Jorge Soler.

What about the hit? What could it possibly be?

A Bobby Richardson auto. Another damn Yankee hit! I feel like I am opening these for The Lost Collector

Well, that's it for now. I really enjoy opening both of these products, but I am pretty sure these are the last boxes I will be purchasing. I might buy some loose packs of Heritage at Target, but that would be the extent of it.

And a final goodbye to the first collection that became a true PC: Mr. Luke Jackson. It was a fun ride, but everything must come to an end.

PS - I am going to sort my Heritage today. I'm going to have a few extras and all inserts I pull are for trade, so keep an eye out if you have any needs for the set!


  1. To be fair, Bobby Richardson is a pretty good signature! Congrats on getting a fair deal on the Jackson PC. I was afraid a pet had died...

  2. If I ever bust boxes, I'm having you pick them out! That Richardson is cool!

    Tough call on ending a PC, but at least you've got some others going. My Pineda PC is really slowing down with the cost of his cards going up.