Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another Beauty For The Matt Harrison PC

Additions to the Matt Harrison PC are starting to come in at a much slower rate. I've acquired most of the base cards, so it seems that the only cards remaining are the expensive ones. However, I'm able to snag one of those at a decent price. Such is the case with my newest addition.

This is the 2008 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor auto. I've seen it pop up on eBay here and there, but it always seemed to be listed around $100 (or more). However, this one was listed auction style starting at 99 cents.

I put in my max bid and waited...and waited...five-day auctions seem to take forever.

No matter. At the end of the auction, I was the winner. Best part - I only paid $12 and change. And shipping was free! 

So here she is, in all her orang-y glory!

Hope everyone is well! Thanks for reading!


  1. Had some cards for you for a possible trade but haven't heard back from you. Email me at ttorcato AT aol DOT com. Thanks.