Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Foray Into 2015 Bowman Chrome

Today, I decided to give in and buy some 2015 Bowman Chrome. After thinking about it, I decided to that I should get a jumbo box and a hobby box.

And I did just that. I started with the jumbo box.

In terms of refractors, I had some decent luck with color. The best was the gold Brett Lawrie, if only for the low numbering.

Strangely, this was the first auto I pulled. It hails from 2014 Bowman Chrome. My guess is that Williams didn't sign his cards in time to get them into the product and redemption cards weren't available.

The next auto was this purple refractor of Senzatela. Never heard of him, but it seems his cards are selling well. Sweet deal.

Isael Soto...never heard of him either.

Pedro Severino. A name I have heard....I thought. Pretty sure I'm thinking of Louis Severino.

This gold refractor auto of Sergio Alcantara was by far and away my best hit of the box.

With that, I decided to move on to the hobby box. And it was a bit of a dud.....

The Strasburg was the best of the base refractors, and the Santana blue refractor was the only colored refractor in the box.

The autos weren't much better (if they were better at all....)....

Juan Meza....

and Miguel Castro. A Blue Jays hotbox, and I've never heard of either of them.

As I opened the next pack, my exact words were:

"This is the worst f*cking box of cards I've ever HOLY SH*T!!!!"

Naturally, as I'm bad-mouthing the box, I pull the best Bowman card I've ever pulled. This Mallex Smith (helluva name, kid) red refractor auto.... numbered 5 of 5. eBay one of one, y'all!!!!

I really wish I was a Braves collector! I've listed the card on eBay to help me recoup the costs of my boxes. A part of me hopes it doesn't sell so that I have an excuse to keep it in my collection! Either way, how cool is that?!?! Any Braves fan tell me if he's any good?

So that's it for my boxes. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.


  1. He's stupid fast and flew through the system this year. Should be competing for a spot in sprint, nice pull man.

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  3. Looks like a fun break despite the results. Very odd about the 2014 auto.

  4. I have seen Mallex Smith several times this year in the Minors. He's an impressive player, in terms of his speed, but I am never sure those players always do well when they get to the Majors. See Billy Hamilton.

  5. NICE RED SHINY CHROME!!! Seriously the auto selection for Chrome this year has been BLAH!