Saturday, August 13, 2016

My "Card Room" is Code for "My Entire Apartment" (And a CONTEST!!!!)

Word on the street is that Jaybarkerfan declared war on Bob Walk The Plank....

With that in mind, I am going to get this post out so I can sit back and watch the battle unfold.

Since joining the cardboard blogging community, I've learned that there are some incredible writers out there. There are also a ton of fascinating posts. Of all the different topics that are featured, one thing I like to read about the most is a blogger's "card room." 

I have joked in the past about having OCD tendencies - I really do have them - so seeing how someone has their collection organized really makes me happy. 

So I've been thinking about how I can get my collection organized. The weeks leading up to my visit to Minneapolis featured very little time at home, much less working on my collection. Today was my first real day to take a break from school and relax, so I decided to start getting organized.

Before I start, however, I want to show you how my "card room" stands at the moment. Rather than being a room, it has pretty much spread to my entire one-bedroom, 800 square-foot apartment. Let's take a look (no judgment!):

This bookshelf was intended to be a temporary storage spot for a few books and some binders until I bought a better bookshelf. I'm kind of a tightass, so I can't yet bring myself to spend a large amount of money on a "proper" bookshelf. You can see my binders on the bottom shelf. The middle and top shelves are holding actual books and a few cards. The top of the bookshelf has quite a few loose cards that need to be logged and sorted into my collection and trade bait. 

This is the corner of my dresser. On it, a ton of loose Bowman. To the right, a small box of unsorted Rangers cardboard on top of my sorting tray...which is full of Rangers cardboard that is in the process of being sorted! Underneath the tray are four 3200 count boxes (which you can't see) that are slowly being sorted as well. Even further to the right (and not in the photo) are my autographed and game-used bats.

Now we move to my one and only closet. The top rack has a few cards that are parts of various collections (Along with some of my Funko Pop! bobbleheads - I know, I'm a nerd)....

On the top rack we have a few of the sets I've decided to keep from my days of trying to build every set that Topps releases (which was a stupid idea)....

Up top, boxes from my Rangers bobbleheads. Below, in the box on the left resides my trade bait. The middle box houses my slabbed cards, and I'm not really sure what is in the box on the right.

Tucked away in one corner of my living room are my Blu-Rays and DVDs. On top are a few of my autographed baseballs. I'm working on a better way to display these, but I haven't found a way that I can afford yet. Remember, I'm a poor graduate student!

Lastly, and perhaps most embarrassingly, is my desk. I have cards all over the place here, all of which need to be logged and put away. This desk is really a mess.

So there you have it. Now you know why I am trying to get organized. The collection is officially an absolute mess. 

But wait, this is all just an intro for a CONTEST!!!!

Here's what I'm asking: Write up a post that features your "card room" and share it with us all! Include some pictures, as I need ideas on how to get organized. Once you've finished your post, paste a link to your post in the comments below! The contest will be open until Monday, August 21, so that gives you 8 days!

Once all links are posted, I will make a post strictly for them. Then I will put all entries into a poll and allow my readers to vote for their favorite post! The voting will be open until Friday, August 26. The person receiving the most votes will win a package of cardboard from me! 

I hope to see a ton of card rooms! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!!


  1. This won't give you any ideas, but here's what it looks like at my place !

  2. I had fun writing this post. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Here's my most recent post on my man cave:

    I hope to do another post in the (semi) near future when I get a few more items up on the walls.

  4. Man - I am just finding out about this. CRAP!!! I'll never get a post up in a day. :( But I might just do it for the hell of it later.

    "I'm kind of a tightass, so I can't yet bring myself to spend a large amount of money on a "proper" bookshelf."

    You sound like me. Are you my brother?

  5. I've been meaning to do an updated post on my "man cave". Noticed that you extended it until Wednesday. I'll try to get my entry in by then... but either way, I appreciate you inspiring me to write this post.

  6. My hobby room is a mess. It is going to take months to get it to a point where I am comfortable taking pictures of it. My collections have also spread out across my house.

  7. Replies
    1. When you get back lets work out a trade, its been awhile. I'd like to knock out some more of those team sets of yours.


    Ok - I think I can knock this out tomorrow.


    Late, and messy, and ugly and all that. But posted.

  10. My cards are still boxed up in my attic after my move. I hope to carve out a card room up there but have gotten permission yet. So...maybe I can participate in this next year?

  11. Great idea, fun post to write, I need to show the wife the rest of these, I don't have nearly the cardboard of most.

  12. Just saw this today...I've wanted to do a post like that for some time now, but I won't have it done in time for the contest. Cool idea, although I'd probably be showing you how to stay unorganized as opposed to helping you.