Wednesday, March 7, 2018

All of You are Good People

First, I must say "thank you" to those that offered kind words and words of support after my last post. I was and still am in the dumps about the whole ordeal, but after your comments and watching one of my best friends defend his dissertation and becoming an "official doctor" today, I'm inspired to get back to the grind. Sometimes, people are just obstacles that need to be hurdled, so that's how I will treat my committee. (I think that sounds worse than I intended, but oh well)

Beyond the nice words, I've come to learn that cardboard bloggers/collectors are also some very, very generous people. For example, Kin Kinsley - the man behind the blog I Feel Like A Collector Again and the @beansballcards - sent me a bubble mailer full of great oddballs!

I know what you're saying, "These are scans of oddballs!" Oh, but they are! What you can't tell from the scans is that these are 5" x 7" cards! 

Clearly, the Greer falls nicely into my PC of the player. The Gonzo and Pudge are also welcomed additions!

Not seen in the scans are Topps Chipz Kin sent, along with a few other minis and PC cards that I excitedly logged into my collection on Trading Card Database and put away into their new home. All of these additions were a surprise that came at a time when I needed an awesome pick-me-up! Thanks a ton, Kin!


  1. Glad they made it and hopefully allowed for a momentary smile. Don't get too down, they're likely just preparing you for the cold world out there. Keep your head up!

  2. Glad to 'see' a smile in your voice. Gotta love that Greer! One of my all-time fave Rangers. I remember watching his acrobatics during The Gambler's perfect game. What a fun guy!

  3. Onwards and upwards!
    Ever think about getting the 5by7 cards autographed? They would look super sweet with a big signature on them.

  4. 1998 Zenith was way ahead of its time. Are you going to tear into them to reveal the 2x3 card inside? If you have an X-Acto knife, you can slice it from the back in such a way that the 5x7 remains intact.