Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Capitalism With A Heart: A Non-Cardboard Post

I don't know about you, but I've really gotten to the point where I dread watching or reading the news. It seems like the world is full of tragedy, heartbreak, and evil, and I just can't stand to see that anymore. So when I see some good news, it really brings light into my day.

A couple of months ago, I was running through my Facebook news feed - because I can't make it a day without knowing what my friends are having for lunch or who is complaining about who - and I came across a video about a young man with Down's Syndrome who took his love for crazy socks and turned it into a multi-million dollar business. Take a look:

I was so moved by the story that I decided to check out the website. Not only does John have a ton of socks for sale on his website, they are all reasonably-priced, as well! I took the plunge and ordered a couple pairs:

I went with some pretty basic argyle socks for my first pair...

...but then picked up a pair featuring the man himself, Ronald Reagan! Nothing keeps my feet more comfortable than the Gipper himself! (Please note - this is not a political post, so please don't leave nasty comments. Better yet - visit John's Crazy Socks and check out his presidential collection, which features Washington, Jefferson, Obama, Clinton - Bill and Hillary, and even the Donald with crazy hair, among others!)

Just like the video says, my order was shipped the day I placed it and it came with a personalized note from John himself:

My package also came with a bag of M&M's, but those didn't last long enough to get a photo.

John also has a ton of socks featuring sports. Some players even have their own socks, like Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliott!

If you like crazy socks, or if you are interested in being part of something that is genuinely good, I encourage you to visit John's Crazy Socks. John and his dad are definitely a bright spot in a sometimes-dreary world!

(And before you ask, this is not a sponsored post. I truly believe that John and his dad are doing a great thing and I want to share that with everyone that reads this blog!)


  1. That's pretty cool. I might order a set of the basketball socks some day.

  2. Great story, and a great idea for a business. Those are some funky cool socks!

  3. I saw that Facebook post. I also visited the site. I didn't purchase anything but I might someday. Of course my biggest hurdle is my habit of only wearing white socks. Makes sorting socks in the laundry a breeze.

  4. I'm not really big on socks, I usually just buy whatever's the cheapest, but this is a nice story, and I do really like the colors on that pair of argyle socks, so...

  5. Those are pretty cool. My job just transitioned from requiring an Army uniform to wearing business casual every day, so I might be in the market for some new socks. The pricing is a bit more than I usually pay for socks, but I could probably stand to splurge on a couple pairs.

  6. Very cool. I rarely ever wear socks, since I'm a flip flop guy... but I might grab a few pairs for my nephews.

  7. This is such a great story. Glad to hear you supported John and his business!