Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cards From Julie

Julie of A Cracked Bat fame sent a mailer full of Ranger goodies my way a couple weeks ago. It came at a perfect time - my dissertation was getting the best of me and making me a cranky person. It was nice to receive cards as a pick-me-up!

Let's take a look at some of my favorites from the package, shall we?

This Frank Catalanotto Status diecut comes from 2002 Donruss Elite. To make it more interesting, this is a NSCC exclusive...

...numbered 5 of 5! Sweet! I always enjoyed watching Cat play. He was one of the few highlights in some pretty lean years.

A Topps Finest Rookies card of Mike Lamb. Gotta love that Finest feel!

A beautiful, shiny foil Upper Deck card of Mr. Ranger, Michael Young. There is nothing wrong with this card. It's perfect!

These three came together in a cello-like pack. Produced to bring awareness to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization, this were distributed...somehow. I'm not certain if they came in a package of something or if they were given away at games...there just isn't much information out there about the set.

All of the cards share the same backside. These have immediately become some of my favorite cards.

Julie, I can't thank you enough! Thanks for thinking of me!


  1. Nice cards! 2000 Finest is one of my all-time favorite sets, and the Cat is a keeper. The DAV cards have that '55 Topps vibe on the front, but much more colorful.

  2. I had a few of the DAV packs. I'm fairly certain these were a giveaway from a game I actually attended. The date tells me I didn't buy them. By 2004, I'd quit collecting. I'm happy they went to a good home!!