Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Heritage Manager TTM Update

I've received back a couple of my 2013 Heritage Manager Cards in the last week.  This one came out of the mailbox today:

2013 Topps Heritage #324 - Terry Collins (TTM auto)
With the Mets sitting 11 games under .500 and no true help in sight, Collins' job could be in jeopardy.  I hope not.  Everything I hear about Collins suggests that he is a baseball lifer with a ton of knowledge...he just has a lousy team on his hands.

The other card I received came in last week courtesy of Ned Yost of the Kansas City Royals.  It has disappeared from my office at home.  My brother and his little boy were at my house for a bit while I was out of town for the holiday, so I have an idea where it may have disappeared to (for the record, I am missing some other cards, as well).  I'll look to see if I can find it, but no promises.

There are still some cards I need!!!  Please look here to see if you can help me out!

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