Friday, July 26, 2013

An Unexpected Post

I stopped by the post office today to check my mail, expecting to receive nothing.  I was pleasantly surprised to find another addition to my 2013 Heritage Manager's Project:

2013 Topps Heritage #399 - Dale Sveum
Sveum's in a tough spot.  His management/ownership group is selling off all their assets (Thank you for Matt Garza) and acquiring prospects to rebuild.  I have to imagine that's quite deflating and a little disheartening as a manager.

That being said, I feel bad because I'm going to complain about the card.  I understand that he is under a lot of pressure and stress and probably doesn't have much time, but c'mon...did he really have to scribble his signature right through the heart of the card and his face?  There is plenty of room below his chin!

Like I said, I feel bad complaining.  I am very thankful that he took the time to sign the card, so for that, I cannot complain.


  1. I got excited when I saw your Sveum card being a Cub fan, because he would make a nice target for my 2nd TTM... but yeah, the location of the auto has me thinking twice.

    Still, you're a step closer!

  2. You might as well give it a shot, perhaps my card was the exception and not the rule (in terms of his signature location).