Thursday, July 25, 2013

TTM Success and a PC Addition

This week has been slow in my card collecting life.  With my sets being far enough along that I don't want to spend money on packs, I don't have anything to open until Allen and Ginter hits.  My mailbox has been awfully quiet as well.  It has, however, given me a couple additions this week.

2013 Topps Heritage - Mitch Moreland
 I sent this card out a couple weeks ago and got it back on Tuesday.  Moreland was kind enough to sign it and inscribe his number, which is something I really enjoy (I don't know why).  Pretty happy with it.

2013 Bowman Orange Parallel - Collin Wiles
The first card I ever pulled of Collin Wiles was his Orange Parallel auto, but I had yet to get a "normal" noon-auto orange parallel.  I picked this up on eBay for a buck (I believe).  My PC might be as far as it is going to go.  The last parallel I need is the red one, and the owner of it is asking for Bryce Harper/Mike Trout money to get it.

So that's my exciting update for the day.  Hooray.


  1. Holy cow! That seller has really set the bar high on that 1/1 auto. Good luck on waiting him out.

    1. Yeah, I'm tempted to e-mail and offer him $40 to see if he would take it. hahahaha

  2. That Moreland sig looks sweet. I'm also a fan of adding the numbers next to your signature, a classy touch.