Monday, July 1, 2013

Byron Buxton...Whoa...

Today, I needed to waste 15 minutes before a lunch meeting I had on my schedule.  I go to Walmart and buy a 2013 Bowman blaster (I'm sure you are sick of hearing me talk about this product by now).  In the first pack I find this guy:

2013 Bowman Byron Buxton Certified Auto
Whoa...Granted, this is a base certified auto AND it's a base card, not a chrome, but still, what are the odds?  As I mentioned yesterday, there are certain things I am trying to raise funds for, so I figured I would throw this one out on the Bay with my Puig card.  I started the bidding at $19.99 and placed a Buy It Now option at $99.99.  I thought if no one bought it, I would be okay keeping it.

Well, someone bought it less than two hours later.  I should have started it at $199!  Dang it!

Anyway, that's the fastest I have ever sold something, and I felt compelled to share.  I swear I'm not in this to make money, I really am in it to build sets, and these sales help with that!

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