Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Retail Blaster and Some Retail Singles

On the way to the game yesterday, I stopped at Target and bought a Bowman Platinum blaster and a few packs of 2013 Panini Usa Baseball Champions. The baseball gods punished me for bragging about going to the game by making the Rangers lose 1-0. They took mercy on me, however, and gave me a very nice card.

First for the Panini "hits," if you can call them that.

I made this picture large because of the upper left corner: the 15U National Team.  This kid is 15 AT THE OLDEST and he has a freakin baseball card. How awesome would that be? "Hey son, how was freshman year? Oh, some of your baseball cards came in the mail for you to sign." Ridiculous.

Next up, a numbered die cut card of someone I've never heard of. No offense, but I'm moving on.

Here's where I was fortunate:

Bowman Platinum Yasiel Puig Cutting Edge insert. I can't pull the damn Puig base card to save my life, but I can pull inserts. I can't decide if I want to trade it or sell it, so here's the deal. If you want it, throw an offer my way. No reasonable offer will be turned down, just try to offer up something from one of my collections (Bryce Harper PC is looking a little shallow **ahem**). If I don't have anything by Friday, the bad boy is going up on the Bay.

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  1. hey, if you don't want those cards I commented on, let me know and I'll put them away again...