Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why Yes, I Do Have Some New Cards To Share (And A New Project, Too)

Even though I was too pre-occupied to post anything this weekend, I did get some pretty sweet cards in the mail. They hit on a host of different collections.  Let's dive right in.

First up was a stack of cards from Tom at Waiting Till Next Year. A couple weeks back I sent him some Cubs cards that didn't fit any of my collections, so this was his way of thanking me.  When I said a "stack" of cards, I wasn't kidding.  Thanks Tom!!!!

2013 Bowman Collin Wiles and Mike Olt
I was also able to add a card to my 2013 Heritage Managers Projects. Rangers skipper Ron Washington was gracious enough to sign two cards for me. Sorry for the glare...I wasn't thinking and didn't take the card out of the toploader for the picture.

I also had  afew COMC and eBay pickups. I grabbed the last three cards needed for my 2013 Bowman and Bowman Prospects set from Comc. Since it's $3 flat rate shipping, I also grabbed a couple (relatively) cheap Joey Gallo cards for my PC.  Here they are.

The diecut card is pretty sweet, but the centering on the back is poor.  The cut drops down low enough on the right side to cut off some of the text. I wasn't terribly happy about that.

eBay provided me with this 2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary for my Mike Napoli collection. I like sparkle.

Bling Bling, Motha Trucka
Lastly, but certainly not least, I received this sweet Griffey '89 Donruss rookie int he mail from the Junior Junkie. He was having a little contest on the best attributes of The Kid, and I gave my opinion. Griffey was my favorite player growing up, so I am VERY happy to have this card! Thanks Junkie!!!

On  aside note, I'm going to be embarking on a new project soon. I've battled with deciding what sets to start building, and every time I think I know what I want to do, I decide I really don't want to build that set. So, I'm going to try to put together every Rangers Topps team set beginning with 1972 Topps. I'll have a page on the right-hand side devoted to this project soon, and if you have any extra cards, I'll be more than happy to work out a trade with you! I'm not just doing Topps - I'm going to attempt other brands as well, but I'm not terribly familiar with them all. So, if you have any insight, let me know!


  1. I've been working on collecting all the Rangers for 4 years. I'm absolutely going to kill you with kindness and unload a TON of dupes on you.. We may have to meet to make the deal. We'll email and ill talk to you about my lists.

  2. Yay! Why is the mail so fast sometimes and so darn slow others?

  3. The 1972 Topps team set is going to be fun. I've been building the A's set for a few years now and get excited whenever I add another card. Best of luck!