Saturday, September 28, 2013

You Spoke, I Listened

In my last post, I complained about buying an entire blaster full of purple refractors. I'm trying to build a set, and a blaster filled with the color purple isn't going to help. 

A few of you commented, and I think the majority of y'all (if not all of y'all) made it apparent that this was a good thing. Some suggested selling the cards, others offered up trades. 

I listened to you. 

I've decided that I am going to put the lot on eBay, along with the other purple refractors I already had. Here's where I need and want your input. 

Should I put up the lot with purple refractors only (totaling 50 cards), or should I put up a lot of refractors - the purple, normal, xfractors and one gold refractor (totaling 70ish cards)? How much should I start the bidding at?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I am clueless in this area. 

Regardless of the direction I go, one thig is set in stone: if the lot doesn't sell, I'm going to trade them all to you. So if you haven't already, leave me a comment with the team(s) that you want. It's first come, first serve, so get in line quickly!


  1. if selling is your game, and the bay of e is your choice, then just the purples.
    You'll get more selling them individually elsewhere, but it's more of a pain...

  2. If you decide to sell, I would just group all the Purples. If you dont sell, would love to work out a trade for the Giants.